Mobile App Development Training in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.

Learn to build and deploy Apps on Android and iOS Platforms. Be it Native, Cross-Platform, Hybrid-Web, or Progressive-Web Applications.

To get started,
Whatsapp/Call: 07061773925
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Wedigraf Tech Hub
69, Abak Road, by Udo Abasi Street, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
(First Floor, LG Building, beside Pepperoni)


  • Understand the fundamentals of mobile app development, including the ecosystem, platforms, and programming languages used in the industry.
  • Develop proficiency in Kotlin, Java, Flutter, Dart, C, C++, C#, Swift, SwiftUI, and Firebase, gaining versatile skills to build mobile apps on different platforms.
  • Master Android app development using both Kotlin and Java, learning essential UI design, user input handling, and data storage techniques.
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of Flutter and Dart, enabling the creation of cross-platform mobile apps with a single codebase.
  • Develop a strong foundation in C and C++, learning their syntax, data types, and control structures, and implement basic mobile applications with these languages.
  • Explore Xamarin and C# to build cross-platform mobile apps, understanding how to leverage native features across various devices.
  • Learn Swift and SwiftUI for iOS app development, acquiring skills to create modern and interactive user interfaces.
  • Understand the Firebase platform, including Firebase Authentication, Real-time Database, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Functions, and Firebase Storage, for developing powerful and cloud-connected mobile applications.
  • Gain proficiency in combining SwiftUI with the Combine framework, enabling reactive and asynchronous programming in iOS apps.
  • Implement real-time features in mobile apps using Firebase Cloud Messaging, and understand performance monitoring and optimization techniques.
  • Learn how to secure Firebase resources and implement user-based security rules to protect user data and app functionality.
  • Develop full-stack mobile app development skills by integrating backend APIs, handling authentication, and implementing RESTful API communication.
  • Explore advanced full-stack features, such as real-time communication using WebSockets and utilizing third-party APIs and services.
  • Acquire deployment knowledge, preparing apps for release on app stores, and understanding app monetization strategies.
  • Work on various projects throughout the course, building practical mobile applications in different domains, and applying the learned concepts effectively.
  • Enhance problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities in the context of mobile app development, learning to approach app design and development challenges effectively.
  • Foster teamwork and collaboration by working on group projects, simulating real-world development scenarios in a team environment.
  • Build a strong portfolio of mobile apps and projects, showcasing the skills acquired during the course, and demonstrating the ability to create real-world applications.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and advancements in mobile app development and grow as a mobile app developer.
  • Gain the confidence and competence to pursue a career as a professional mobile app developer, capable of developing applications for various platforms and industries.