Structural Design, Detailing and Analysis Training using Prota Structures, STAAD Pro & AutoCAD Software Packages in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.




– Interactive and batch concrete beam and column design including reinforcement optimizations, design grouping and user-defined rebar patterns.

– Biaxial design and reinforcement optimization of columns and shearwalls with any section. Generation of interaction diagrams and capacity reports for easy design tracking.

– Design of shearwalls and slabs using conventional or mesh reinforcement

– Selection of the most efficient steel profile based on active codes.

– Automatic design of steel connections using IntelliConnect and ability to reuse at all similar joints.

– Integrated meshing and analysis of slab and foundation systems with the building model.

– Using advanced documentation tools including ordered report sets, integration of external reports, table of contents, smart notification system (summary of warning, error and information messages).

– Designing pad bases, pile caps, strip foundations, rafts, piled rafts, combined foundations and pedestals using analytical and finite element methods.

– Combining different models to cater for shared foundation systems.

– Using different subgrade coefficients and varied thicknesses for within raft foundations.


– Automatically producing details from your ProtaStructure design models into your drawing sheets, only with one click.

– Carrying out all drafting using standard CAD drawing commands without the need for other CAD software. Features include extensive command-line support and customization, DWG/DXF support, dimensions, layers, style, intelligent undo/redo and much more…

– Generating dynamic quantity tables with full bar bending schedules, which are updated instantly when changes occur.

– Customizing drawings with your own title blocks with auto referencing including all project and sheet information.

– Making use of smart rebar library, intelligent detailing items and tools to perform semi-automatic structural drafting for the cases where a full automation is not possible.

– Automatically or manually truncate beam elevations to fit any sheet layout.

– Converting old reinforcement drawings to smart rebars and instantly provide steel quantity take off.

– Inserting details with different drawing scales side-by-side on the same sheet. Smart scaling system automatically manages all relevant texts, object sizes and dimensions.

– Automated analysis, design and detailing of cantilever retaining walls.

– Design of RC Stairs, Pile Caps, Corbels, Steel Scaffold Systems, Swimming Pools and more including all details, quantities and calculation reports.

– Designing piles using detailed soil profiles for pile working load assessment, iterative non-linear lateral pile analysis and pile section design.

– Producing engineering details for other components including Culverts, Retrofit Walls, Foundation Pits, Pad Bases, Walls, Continuous RC Beams and more.


– Rapid analysis using multi-cores and pre-processing technology.

– Analysis of slab systems independently or integrated with the structure by using finite elements.

– Automatic rigid links, rigid zones and asymmetrical endreleases on frame members.

– Analysis of shearwalls and custom shaped corewalls with or without openings using shell elements, mid-pier and singlepier models.

– Managing multiple analyses at the same time using the “Analysis Manager”.

– Reviewing analysis results in a single integrated postprocessor with a unified and performant animation, contouring, diagramming and rendering engine. Structural analysis is performed by specifically developed 64-bit 3D finite element solver and state-of-the-art analytical model.

– P-Delta analysis and definition of equal/gradient temperature differences.

– Special Seismic Analysis considerations.

– Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis for all types of foundations in a single run.

– Post Analysis checks for reviewing code compliance including deflections.

– Real-time visualization of stress contours, deformations, force and moment diagrams for all load cases, combinations and envelopes with ease using the full-featured Analysis PostProcessor.

– Visualizing slab strip diagrams and station nodes on 3D analytical model including user-defined integral strips.





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